End of June Communal Work in Bugesera District

On Saturday 29 June 2013, In  a  monthly  communal  work  held  in  Nyamata  sector  of  Bugesera  District  bringing  together  local  residents , District leaders, army, police commanders  and  a visiting delegation  of  East  African Civil  Society Organizations’  Forum  EACSOF  whom  are  among the organizers’ of  this  event.

Representing   the Mayor, the  vice  Mayor  of  Bugesera  District  welcomed   Hon.  Minister  Mukaruliza  along  with  the  delegation  of  visitors  from  Kigali city and also thanked the  locals  for  their  participation in this event and encouraged them to carry on the good spirit of solidarity towards self-reliance. He announced that the concluded community work was worth 1,500,000 Rwandan francs.

In her opening remarks Minister Mukaruliza Monique started by thanking  the residents and organizers of the event on the well concluded community  work but also asked them to embrace nation building activities. The  Minister praise the initiative embarked by the East African Civil Society Organizations’  EACSOF, RALGA and PSF of partnering with MINEAC in the effort to educate  Rwandans on the benefits and opportunities in the East African Community.

Bugesera being a border located district, Mukaruliza encourages the locals  to make good use of the available opportunities of cross border trade, she  challenged them to go an extra mile in their daily trading activities to their  neighboring  Burundian  counterparts. Emphasizing on this the minister reminded the locals to also plan ahead for the yet to be constructed Nemba  market a facility that will even boost the activities of trade to both border communities of Rwanda and Burundi.

In her conclusive remarks, Mukaruliza reminded the residents of Bugesera  District to strive for self-reliance in the good spirit of hardwork as a goal  citizens, she further went on to urge the locals of be active and receive the  team of champions from EACSOF that will conduct awareness sessions on  educating Rwandans under the theme“Aware of our rights and freedoms in the EAC,enjoy it’s  benefits and seize  opportunities”.On this note, Hon. Minister pronounced this campaign as officially open.     

East African Civil Society Organizations’ Forum is an autonomous body that  shelters a  pool of 50 Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil society Organizations in East Africa. The team of 60 champions of awareness  will  visit 30 Districts and the activity is expected to run for two years.